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Private One-on-One Practicum: Floral, Business, or Farming


  • Image of Private One-on-One Practicum: Floral, Business, or Farming
  • Image of Private One-on-One Practicum: Floral, Business, or Farming
  • Image of Private One-on-One Practicum: Floral, Business, or Farming
  • Image of Private One-on-One Practicum: Floral, Business, or Farming
  • Image of Private One-on-One Practicum: Floral, Business, or Farming

For budding or experienced professionals who prefer more personal and quiet instruction tailored specifically to their needs, Jennie offers full-day, private practicums with lots of hands-on guidance. Practicums include at least 8 hours of hands-on, intensive mentoring. Jennie will keep answering your questions as long as you have questions to ask! A delicious, hearty lunch is included with the practicum, as well as nibbles and tea/coffee/juice throughout the day.

Pricing depends on the core tract chosen for the day’s agenda: farming, business or design. The Farming and Business Tracts start at $1150/day. The Design Tract starts at $1990/day and includes heaps of fresh floral materials to create whatever designs the student desires along with personal mentoring on all manner of wedding/event design topics. The tracts can be blended if desired, but we find it works best if students focus on one tract so the day doesn’t get overwhelming. Consider scheduling two days back-to-back if you feel you are having trouble picking just one tract.

From the time of purchase here in our shop, students have 90 days to schedule their private practicum. All practicums take place on our farm unless the student is willing to pay all associated costs for Jennie to travel to them. Practicums take place on weekdays, Monday through Thursday. Practicums can happen any time during the year, but we strongly suggest scheduling them during our growing season, March through November, so you can appreciate the beauty of our farm.

Fresh cut materials are included in the Design tract only. The Farming and Business tracts do not include any fresh flowers for designing unless requested and there will be an additional fee added to cover them. The fee will be determined by what design(s) you would like to tackle.

Email info@lovenfreshflowers.com with any questions about how our Private Practicums work. We're happy to help you decide what's the best fit for you!

Why Take a Class with Jennie?
Owner and Creative Director at Love 'n Fresh Flowers, Jennie Love is a trained professional horticulturist and an experienced, life-long farmer. Jennie has led numerous workshops over the years, including regularly sold-out Master Classes at her farm and classes for Longwood Gardens' Floral Design Certificate program. A charismatic and passionate flower farmer, Jennie found her natural niche in 2009 as a "farmer florist" for wedding and event design, becoming a recognized leader of the local flower movement. She has been featured in the New York Times for her farm-to-centerpiece efforts. She was named one of the top wedding florists in the nation by Martha Stewart Weddings (Spring 2015 issue) and her work had a special four page spread in the Summer 2016 issue. Her distinctively lush and textural floral designs have enlivened hundreds of weddings as well as numerous photo shoots, magazines, style blogs, and books. Jennie is currently the President of the international Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers and writes for the Cut Flower Quarterly and Growing for Market.

What Past Students Are Saying

“Making the trip to Love ‘n Fresh farm to spend a one-on-one day learning from Jennie was exactly what I needed to help grow my business from a scattered, startup farm and floral business, to the evolved, balance-driven, successful one it is today. As a farmer/florist with a few years of experience under my belt, I knew that I needed some tailored, expert advice rather than a workshop geared to many different levels. Through our day together, Jennie answered all my questions on topics ranging from what language to use in attracting the right clients, to how to ensure profitability and a streamlined process in wedding design. I can now truly say that I confidently run not only a beautiful farm, but a successful design business too, and am inching closer to a healthy work/life balance on top of it. Thanks so much Jennie for helping my business mature, and for sharing your gorgeous farm with me!”

Lennie Larkin, B-Side Farm & Floral Design

"I had been searching for the right workshop to attend for quite some time and was at first going to partake in a workshop that would be with a full class. With a lot of specific questions about my business and how I can personally do better, I am so happy that I did the private one-on-one practicum with Jennie! I have been in the floral design business for the past 3 years and have felt that I needed to hunker down and refine some of my business practices and also learn some new floral design skills. Jennie went over topics with me from pricing, client organization, and maximizing profits. We also went over technique and mechanics for a large piece that I will be designing for an upcoming wedding, as well as some other practical pieces that I found so helpful to get some pointers on. I left the one-on-one practicum feeling refreshed, prepared, and inspired. Thank you so much, Jennie!"

Natalie Huntley, Springwell Design

"This is overdue, but I wanted to send you both a heartfelt thank you for such an amazing experience at the farm last week! I learned so, so much, and honestly could not dream about tackling this new aspect of my business without taking the class. Not only did I leave with so much knowledge, but I also left feeling inspired and positive about what I know to be a huge undertaking. Jennie, I wasn’t sure where you were even going to start, but you ran the class so beautifully and with so much helpful information! I would 100% recommend this class to anyone thinking about flower farming, and I will surely be back for more myself!"

Katie Rocheford

"I scheduled a private practicum with Jennie at the close of our own farming season and had a wonderful experience. I chose a private session so we could specifically talk about our own farm’s needs and it was a great choice. We streamlined processes and fine tuned crop plans. We discussed seed vendors, materials and better planting methods. Jennie was willing to share not only her vast knowledge of flower farming but also her tips and tricks on her own farm that we can put into practice to take us to the next level. Her business acumen is unparalleled in the farmer florist realm and we are so lucky to have spent 8 hours with her. Her ability to want to help people succeed shines through and we are so grateful for her kindness and willingness to share! It was so helpful to be present and be able to ask for clarification on the spot. We’re going into next season excited, motivated and smarter thanks to our one-on-one. I highly recommend a masters class from Jennie or a private session for serious flower farming education. (We’ve also had the pleasure of attending her design workshops and they are dynamite too!)"

Amanda Bragon at Seven Stems Flowers